About us

We’re the people who brought you the award-winning motivational Youtube channel Basquiat Picassothat boasts over 215,000 subscribers and clocks 46 million views and counting. But we wanted more. We wanted to expand.

That’s why we created MotivationHQ.

Our goal here is simple: to help as many people as we can become better versions of themselves by going beyond motivation and inspiration into the depths of what moves us all to want to change.

Central to our goal is a simple question (we’re big on that here): What else is in you? That’s the question we challenge you to ask yourself, one that most cannot answer. If we don’t know what’s possible for ourselves, or have stopped asking, we settle for less. We become trapped.

And here at MotivationHQ we don’t want this type of standstill to happen - to anyone. That’s why we’re a constant source of motivation and inspiration for everyone who needs a little push, a bit of direction, or just some plain ole’ good vibes.

So click around our website, subscribe, share, and most of all, stay inspired, stay motivated.