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Understand when to give up.

What you want, doesn't always look like what you had in mind. Everything that exists needs to be refreshed, including the words of wisdom that we live by. Today I'd like to examine the principle of persistence. Persistence is very important. It's what separates the leaders from the followers. It's the trait that all of the top salesmen in the company have. It's the core theme of so many different stories of success.  Most motivational content is based on persistence! "Keep pushing! Keep moving! Never give up! No pain, No gain!" We are so motivated by the of persistence that we center our entire ego around it. We work till we bleed; go without sleep for days just to meet that...

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How Long Have You Been Dealing With This Problem?

The Practice of Putting Distance Between Your Questions and Your Answers The purpose of principles is to simplify the complexity of life. If anyone were to ask me what was the secret to life, my answer would be "patience".The principle I'd like to discuss today is the idea of patience. We've discussed patience many times before and will continue to do so in order to discover our best selves and help others do the same in the process. We all have those one or two problems that we just can't seem to shake. That nagging question or missing piece that up until now seems unattainable or "just not meant for us". We buy books, research, talk to friends, "experts", etc. There just...

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