by Elliot Lyons

The first time I heard motivational juggernaut Eric Thomas, I was so motivated I just had to do something, anything. So, I immediately began cleaning the table where I was sitting. “This has got to get done. I’m going to do this ish,” I affirmed to myself while uncluttering and then wiping down the table. I cleaned the hell out that table. Afterwards, I marveled at what I had done.

“This is IT!” I said, followed by a, “Wooooooo booooyyyyyy!”

And I know you’re probably laughing—what is this dude on, cleaning tables with purpose!

And that’s okay, it’s good, actually, because along with being infected with his energy—a force that moved me to act—it’s also important to remember that growth isn’t only about being uncomfortable in going after our dreams, but play.

It’s play that helps us shrug our shoulders and try new things, and then, if they don’t work out, smile, learn, and even laugh at our mistakes.

Learning to play is key to advancement because it pulls down all the reasons we have for not doing something and affirms our dreams. This is what says we can leave our good jobs to pursue what we want, this is what says we can change our lives although our circumstances are less than accommodating.

In order to get somewhere else, we need to be able to let go of who or what we are to enjoy who we are to become. Play is allowing ourselves to live by accepting that it is hard, but realize we’re on our journey—we’re on our way. This is how play lifts part of the burden existence places on us all, preparing us, in the words of Eric Thomas, for the “grind,” and to take a similar joy in it as he does.

We can smile because we know this is what we do, why we are doing it, and because we’ve exchanged the fixed idea of who we are for a process.  And therefore we find energy in the process, in the grind.

And we all know what it looks like. We can feel it because it reaches inside and compels us—even dares us—to move towards our goals, whether they’re things we want or need.

Here is when we arrive and begin learning how to win. Here is where we get fired up and we fly.


Learn more about how to fly in our latest video, Winning is a Process (Featuring Eric Thomas).



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