by Elliot Lyons

Growth is taking the training wheels off our lives, and it means accepting the reality that we may fall, we may fail, and going in anyway. But many of us want to wait until we are ready, until certain circumstances come about, to grow towards what we want or need. What happens here is that we never truly begin, and then we fail.

So, it’s more our failure to commit to the work of growth that makes us fail, not any setbacks or disappointments we may encounter on the way to going somewhere different. The work says we have to begin before we’re ready, and sometimes before we fully understand why, and that we’re not ready until we begin.

And beginning is hard.

We make resolutions to call our friends more often, work out, save more money, get organized, and countless other desires but many of us stop soon after we start because we’re moving into something new each time we start—even though we’ve done it a few times before, it’s still foreign, it’s not quite a part of us yet.

Still, even after numerous cycles of repetition, when our resolution is a fixed part of our lives, each time we want to act on our commitment to our resolution, we must begin. This continues our forward motion, and it’s in this perpetual beginning where growth occurs. Like pedaling a bike, it’s the same stroke each time, and after a while we’ll be far from where we began, stronger and more resilient.

With that movement comes things we never expected, which may change the way the journey and goal look and feel, and that’s OK because that’s what happens when we’re in motion—we make our paths as we go along. Sometimes we’ll have to decide which fork in the road to take, and other times one road will end and we’ll have to pick up a different one, a new one.  

As a new year is just beginning, with the previous one having come to a close, we at MotivationHQ thank you for taking out the time to visit us, and remind you that we’ll be there every step of the way to help you grow, so stay tuned and remember: you are ready.

Happy New Year.



  • Boom Lash

    Great stuff.

  • LaTrece Steele

    This video spoke to me on so many levels. I’m going through this growth spurt and a new beginning for me and my five year old son and this just put a stamp on what I’m doing and all my efforts thus far. I’ve got to continue to commit to the work cause it will pay off in the end. Thank you!!!!!

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