Thoughts on Love and Commitment

by Elliot Lyons

Today, I’m going to keep it short, and I have a question for you.

Are you committed to your partner(s), or are you just in love with the way they make you feel?

I’m asking because there’s something I’ve been noticing in all of the most stable, supportive relationships I see: both individuals value the other’s dreams and goals as if they were their own.

In other words, both partners go hard for each other, making personal sacrifices when necessary to support the person they love. This is the type of love that makes giving just as much a priority as receiving.

They realize that in order to be with the person sleeping next to them, they must expand their comfort zones, otherwise, the relationship will become unbalanced, always centring one person’s needs and wants while the other’s become an afterthought.

These couples say “I will” instead of “maybe,” and follow through.

Sure, they have problems, and sometimes they’re of the sort that test relationships. In these times, they are able to find value in both the relationship they’ve built and in the other person as an individual.

Commitment is defined as the work it takes to grow, and not growing isn’t even a option.

This is what I’ve learned from the most stable, supportive couples I know.

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