This is why you shouldn’t take motivation too seriously

by Elliot Lyons 

Self-development is serious business. But then again, it’s not.

There should always be ample room for silliness because being straight up goofy boosts our creativity and confidence. 

How far we manage to actualize our dreams often deals with our abilities to take on different perspectives, and laughter opens us up to alternative possibilities. This is the case because funny situations elevate the mundane to the absurd through inserting elements that don’t quite fit, causing us to see something normal differently.

If we want to end up somewhere else, then seeing stuff differently gives us more options—and hey, one of those things might just get us where we want to be.

Speaking of where we want to be, goofing around is also an excellent way to release all the tension and stress we accumulate in grinding towards our goals, particularly when things don’t go our way. Life is random, no matter how much we try and control it through working hard, and acknowledging this with laughter affirms the spectrum of our existence.

Part of maximizing our existence is learning to be comfortable in our own skin, with who we are and want to be—the ole’ shenanigans helps with that, too. Laughter is loose and light, unburdened, and is one of the places where we are the most ourselves because it’s an automatic and spontaneous reaction to a given situation—this is the reason why jokes that require explanation aren’t funny.

When we learn to let go through laughter more often and embrace everything that comes with it, including creativity, then, we can become more confident in the vulnerability that laughter represents.  

We know we’ll be aight because we know how to be ourselves—and probably because we’ll have also figured out how to laugh at ourselves in the process.

This is why enjoying life is as much a part of motivation as the hard work: we need both in our lives to make them great. So, whatever you do today, remember that it’s perfectly fine to drop the ball on seriousness, because some high jinks may just be what the doctor ordered.  


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