The Power of Attraction

Power is about attraction. Attraction is about authenticity.

Insanity is the byproduct of the unchecked pursuit of power. We push ourselves to the max in order to achieve it only to realize the more we push, the weaker we become. It's time to redefine what power really is.

Why do we seek power? Why do we seek improvement? We ultimately strive to be more attractive in order to have more opportunity because we believe it will bring us more joy and better experiences. Our current collective idea of power is causing us to turn our efforts in the wrong direction.

The current paradigm of power is conceived to be control or clout over other people. The nucleus of power is really how much control we have over ourselves and our ability to attract the things that we really want.

I don't necessarily mean "out of thin air" attraction, even though if you become powerful enough, opportunities will seem to appear "out of thin air."

If we want to ultimately be more attractive, we must focus all of our power on becoming our best and most authentic selves. Become as self-aware as possible and keep striving to get better. How would you rate your ability to attract the job that you want or the person you want to be with? What are you doing to increase your power? 

Our latest narrative discusses the true definition of power. Please watch to help shift your understanding and begin becoming more powerful today.

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