How to get linked in to yourself

by Elliot Lyons

I’m approaching my mid-30s and every time I log in to LinkedIn, I see the job profiles of my peers who have titles like, “Director,” “Senior Manager,” and “Vice President.” My career, if you could even call it that, isn’t anywhere near stable enough to merit any of these titles, or their pay.

And I compare myself to my peers—they’re were I should be.

I’d like to be that stable, where it’s relatively easy for me to find an income, and it’s a problem that I’m not there yet, I tell myself.

But this exercise is futile because I know I can’t take someone else’s path to my dreams.

The path to my dreams necessitates developing at my own pace; I have to tune in to how I can become the person I need to be to get where I want to go.

This is a process where things happen precisely when they need to and comparison is useless because there’s only one path, and that’s my own. I have to discover what works and doesn’t, and take the time to figure out how I can create the life I want around how I want to feel.

Using how I want to feel in life is the foundation for what I’ll do.

And that’s what we’re all really chasing in life, isn’t it, a feeling?

Whether it be the excitement of landing a new account, finally becoming a veterinarian and helping the animals we’ve always loved, or learning how to sew after years of looking at fashion magazines, we run after these things because the feelings we attach to them give us value.

And figuring out what we value is a lifelong journey, and everyone has their own pace.


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