What else is in me?

Contributing Motivator: Angelo The Motivator

If you want to live a life that excites you and gets you up in the morning with energy and passion, its very important to regularly ask yourself, "What else is in me?"​. When you know there's something more in you, and you are determined to discover what that is, something in you wakes up and you discover who you really are. It's an empowering experience, and the reason I do this. Motivating people to dig deeper and to discover what's really in them, gives me energy. It's a passion! 

Everyday I set the same goal for myself: "DISCOVER A NEW VERSION OF YOU"​. I start my day with this attitude, I relax my beliefs and go into the world excited because I'm looking for me. This isn't difficult stuff; it's not re-inventing every aspect of my life everyday. It's as simple as deciding to walk down another street and experience what's there.

I'm inspired by the world. I'm motivated by it, the good parts as well as the nasty bits. I'm not afraid of life because I have the attitude of a 5 year old I saw once. It was raining and the girl's mother was calling from the kitchen window, "Come in you're going to get wet"​. Spinning around in a small puddle she yelled back, "I know mom, rain is supposed to get you wet"​. So in the same way, jump into life; it's supposed to get you wet!

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