We’re relatively new to the motivation game here at MotivationHQ.

Actually, that’s not completely accurate: we’ve been into motivation for a while on a personal level, some of us without even knowing it, and now we’re sharing our insights with you in the form of blog posts and videos so we can help you find what else is in you.

However, as much as we’ve shared with you all, we also think it’s important to listen to those who spend their time, and money, on our content: all of you help us hone our craft and bring you better motivational narratives. Because of this, from time to time, we decided we’d like to highlight content from our users that’s worth sharing.

Thus, today, we point you towards an insightful article by Jordan Drover about his own growing pains in his 20s, and his advice to other twenty-somethings struggling to figure it all out.

Check out some great motivational storytelling here. 

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